(All videos on this page were created, shot, edited, and directed by Mercedes Bohaty)

Chicks. (2013)


The Evidence Tape (2011)

This short 10 minute film incorporates the first person point of view into a creepy and yet captivating storyline about a stalker and his prey. Georgia Grant and Brian Ellison manipulate the characters and make them come to life. The film starts off as an evidence tape being played for the viewer and it reveals a shocking and intrusive story of behind closed doors in a suburban neighborhood. Awarded best narrative film of 2011 from SUNY Old Westbury. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.


A Second Chance (2010)

A short story brought to life through aspects of film and creativity, A Second Chance, 4 minute short narrative film, sheds a new light on mysterious films. All alone the main character struggles to get home until she runs into a mysterious man who helps her through the haze and what lurks in the darkness. Karla Bohaty and Casey Grant work together to survive in this short, thrilling film. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.


Get Out of My Shot (2008)

This short 2 minute film shows a character interrupting every different kind of shot. The video displays not only static shots but moving shots as well. It starts with him apologetically walking through the camera person’s wide shot and ends with a zoom out and the confused character mysteriously in a dusty, decrepit room. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.

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