(All videos on this page were created, shot, edited, and directed by Mercedes Bohaty)

My Sister Goes Bald (2012)

My sister, Karla Bohaty, attends a St. Baldrick’s event to donate her hair. In actuality she did a little more than just donate her hair. She and her boyfriend, Ryan Cleary, shaved their heads to spread awareness of cancer and to make people understand or be a little more curious about the subject.


Danielle Spano, actress (2011)

Danielle Spano is a 22 year old New York Film Academy graduate. At NYFA she studied the fierce art of acting among many other eager actors. In this short, 5 minute segment Danielle talks about how the film industry has affected her life and the insecurities she has to deal with struggling to grasp her dream as an actress. Society and its constrictions has impacted the industry with such depth where looks mean everything and talent is pushed on the back burner. Danielle touches upon this and gives her opinion on how typecasting might become a difficult task for her to overcome, especially being a plus sized actress. She finds confidence inside herself regardless of what society tells her and expresses how she longs to be apart of this ever growing, fast paced community that is the film industry. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.


Brittany Spano, writer and director of film (2011)

This is Brittany Spano. This 19 year old, in her second year at the School of Visual Arts, has a very keen eye for creativity and vivid imagination. Brittany studies directing and screenplay writing among an overwhelming amount of men and a very slim amount of women. But she does not let this corrupt her ambitions in becoming big in the film industry. Brittany touches upon in this short, 5 minute segment how she tries not to let society or any other force disrupt her confidence in her work and thrives to create works of art a variety of people will enjoy. Briefly Brittany discusses how the people in the industry she idolizes are all male, and describes how much she loathes one of the most popular female directors in the industry. In the end, regardless of who is telling her she cannot do something Brittany ignores them and continues to do what she believes is best for her. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.


The Journey of a Japanese Otaku (2010)

This 10 minute documentary steps into a life of a very different young woman. It shows her, Karla Bohaty, struggle against normalcy and brings the viewer along for an interesting and heartwarming experience. The film introduces and informs the viewer about a world that not many people know about but soon start to understand the isolation our society has pushed upon the main character. Awarded best documentary of 2010 from SUNY Old Westbury. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.


Karla, A Student (2009)

This short 3 minute interview segment shows the pressures of college on first year students through the struggle of an 18 year old girl, Karla Bohaty, who goes to a community college on Long Island. Through BROLL and spoken work it provides the viewer not only with the importance to choose wisely for Karla’s future but a fresh point of view to assess their own path and if it is the right choice for their lives. Directed and Edited by Mercedes Bohaty.

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